Orthodox married to Catholic - Help

My problem has now been resolved. We both compromised on things. Anyways, there will be no more parental interference from his side, we will attend the melkite church as the main church and my orthodox church from time to time even if we have children. We will baptise the children eastern catholic in the melkite church and not the chaldean church because I refuse to travel to another city and my family won't be able to make it. I told him that since you are baptised chaldean even if the children are baptised in the melkite church you can get a baptism certificate for it to say they are chaldean instead (Not sure how this will be done though). My conditions regarding baptism to be done by immersion and receiving Holy Communion with the baptism has been accepted. My husband did not mind, all he said was if the priest allows that you can tell him your preference. Raising the children catholic/chaldean to him is just going to a catholic church nothing more.

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