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Was in orthopedics and now transitioning to family internal medicine

Was in orthopedics and now transitioning to family internal medicine

I personally would feel uncomfortable switching specialties at the drop of the hat. Not something I would advocate for. However have seen it done. My manager for example has worked in cardiac surgery and now in oncology.

However it’s worth mentioning, NP’s attend programs with specific exams based on that programs curriculum. I don’t see how a NP that received certification in “family” could transition to a surgical based specialty such as Ortho. That shouldn’t exist. IMO the programs aren’t designed for that. Whereas PA’s have a curriculum to prepare them as a “generalist”.

The program that I attended was Adult Gerontology Acute Care. This provided rotations and education applicable to inpatient medical management with most of it relevant in the space of ICU level care. I’m not saying it was nearly enough ... but that’s how our program was modeled. I have worked in inpatient Heme/Onc + BMT since I graduated 3 years ago. I would be an absolute fool to think I could transition to something more outpatient based such as family medicine or working in an outpatient primary care clinic. It would be wildly irresponsible. It was not a part of my program and my license will not even allow me to do that.

I do think there is a difference with a provider switching roles in the inpatient setting. Being an “independent provider” in the inpatient world doesn’t really exist.. at least from what I’ve seen. I think with this particular model, it would be easier for one to change specialities if that’s what they decided to do.

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