[OT] Sunday Free Write - Mothers Day Edition

So I wrote this a few years ago in memory of my mother. No better place to post it I suppose:


For all the hearts that walk alone,

despite the holy myths they've known

I met the mother in the earth,

she sent the cipher of her birth

But still they took the apple, all those emerald fools-

they never learned the rules

So dare we race against the clock

to burn the blindfolds off the sheep

and free this withered flock,

and sing to bring these lines,

to be writ in fleeting fire

and read a thousand times-

I'll teach it to the liar

They took the roots of the tallest tree

to build the tomb that'd set her free,

they toiled through time that wasn't theirs,

forever free from mortal stares

Through snow and ice and midnight sun

they forged her vessel fit for one,

and with the power of ancient words

they blessed the flower and danced through fire

They hurried forth and finished fast,

her sacred tomb was built at last-

And then the tree its golden leaves

sent down to crown her peaceful form

Here she smiles and here she weaves,

her thread is spent and by the morn

she'll be cast into the storm

They dragged the work of tired hands

beneath the snow across the sands,

and let her drift to the unknown

to reap the faithless fruits

of all the rites they'd sown

They watched her float beyond the waves

and towards the land of living graves,

across the sky they saw her runes

and knew the winds would heal her wounds

au revoir, au revoir

et bon soir

Back they climbed along the spire

that rose beneath this human mire,

again they fled across the sand

and left her to desire

  and all the foolish fire

     in the morning land,

To rest and sleep and out of reach

to laugh and weep beneath the beach

She drifted far and floated free,

she spun her tears across the sea

They brought her through the holy winds,

and were made as their reward

the masters of the breathing fjord,

So send her to the emerald sins

and receive a just reward,

the empty kingdoms of your lord

And in the land of shifting sand,

the silver hands would make their stand-

For Reginleif and all the nations,

their burning revelations

She languished through the starry ocean,

serenely sinking just to see them

A fearful phantom of devotion

in her great and gilded mausoleum

und die Sternen mit dem Staub

[in die Erde ihres Laub]

haben durch die Nacht die Mensch erwacht

She stood to see ancestral mountains

and those ancient emerald fountains

in the long forgotten land

  of the stranger's sand

And just above the waves she danced

to reach the purest ground

where grew the forests she'd entranced

in the land of savage sound

And there she saw him on the strand,

she smiled and took him by the hand

The dead and damned have ways

to judge our wicked days-

She'll find the truth atop the spire

but beware,

they'll have to burn it to be fair

So shine it bright above desire

and prepare

to spin your souls through silver air!

For every heart that walks in time

to songs of beauty and the sublime-

I met the mother in my mind,

she sent a cipher to be kind

You never had to take the apple,

they left it at your door

What we see may be beautiful

but what we can't can be sublime

And with the dead we'll dance through time,

mortal or not,

mother and son

Not knowing where she came from

he caught her in a sideways glance

and gleaming in the summer sun,

running towards him through the surf

like silk dancing in the wind

Aphrodite's last apple,

a classical beauty

A look said all there was to say

and only the moon bore witness to

the hands that wandered round her waist,

the lips that brushed against his neck

They measured their lives in smiles and cigarettes,

they followed their fleeting whims to the Orient

where the cherry trees their branches stretched

across the way to meet

  in blossomed bright embrace

     above her perfect face

Four seasons' time they saw the world

from Machu Pichu to Milan

They shared their secrets beneath blue sheets

in their villa built to face the dawn

un autre primtemps

sur la Cote d'Azure

[they put Henna in their hair]

The souls that wouldn't scare

could live without a care

Their hands met midway through the thought

and interwove

un, deux, trois,

les jeux du roi-

Two shots they never thought they'd give away

for a moment flashed across the emerald eyes

of their Russian Blue

Her name was Lilith

and on the terrace

by sun and summer air enshrined

she drifted back to sleep

Neither shocked nor sad

she had felt it coming and was glad

The quickly failing ways

that count it down in days-

Let's shine it brightly through a pen

and to compare,

toss our souls lightly up in pairs

Let's line it lightly through the fen

and to compare,

toss our souls brightly through the air

My world is only what I hear, the faint

and faery song she whispers through my ear

My pace she matches stride for stride, she smiles

forever at my faithless side as we walk

the paths that wind between these fallen trees,

these paths that once were lined with ancient pines-

I pause to feel the forest's plight

and she can only smile

Could we but turn the glass to sand,

undo the sins and cities of our kind


I stood at the roof of the world and looked

through cloudless skies at these

sunbathed Indian girls

and sunlit silver seas

I watched transfixed as far below the great

cities of man began to unravel and scores

of icy fingers reached across the poles,

and boulders rose up from the gravel

Through the blight there grew young Gaia's

oceans green and all around

they spun the fragment like a mind

through their eye-filled nets-

And what we get and what we find-

The roads of Europe scuttled back to Rome

as empire after empire shrank

to but a single home

But still he saw the foreign fires

of his ill desires-

It all was quick to fade

but I so dearly wished to stay,

"Smile, worry not for man will find his way"

Through sunflower seas we march

towards the dim horizon,

the muse and I in search of truth,

we marched it through the rising sun

Past the yellow petals wilting

and the tea leaf dancers tilting

in their desert storms-

I speak only what I hear,

they flung the filth across the fraud

and resigned it all to gods,

but what we wickedly regret!

And seeing some old man for whom

death could wait no longer

before taking to the womb,

we stopped to wonder

Hast du die Lieden?

The truth that haunts us all,

though her word is law

He fell to godly heights, forgetting just to breath

[they can wait]

As for me it's time I left

to struggle towards the skies

on the broken-worded wings

of lies-

As night fell we wandered on,

with moonlight sifting through the sand

She led the way and still I lost the light,

but all the eyes that knew the night

lined it strong along new strands-

I saw dark diamonds dancing bright

in the flowers of the night,

around the thread their stems were twined

and every petal was a mind

Die blumen sind an dem Strand

and all across the sky I saw her eyes,

they came to me as no surprise

Two threads of light at last delight,

they see your smiles and frowns

lined up across your face

She pointed at the sun and said

that they had tried the truth too soon

And climbing to the copper moon

and all around her head

was wound that sylvan crown

into which were bled

the fiercely lighted fires

of their hellbourne dread

"Beware beware their copper hair,

you'll lose the things you didn't need"

To smile and sing of long forgotten lands

in playful alban rains,

and to and through the shifting sands

to try a web of pensive hands,

To close these tired eyes and smile

at what was ever free,

the muses never lied

And walking through their wildly worded worlds of awe

[as if above the sand]

They threw an apple through the hole

for all the eyes that understand

They never let them teach the class

and dared to say they wouldn't pass,

the sheep that fucked the flock

and drank the eyes too soon

So spin that apple through your soul,

just a fragment far from whole

Why am I at war, with their emerald god

and why the fuck aren't you?

So find your sacred sickness

and fight them to the death,

the death of the old gods

and the beautiful society

She was right and he was wrong

but they had known it all along,

chaos and coincidence,

the center's always there

And all around the children found

that sweet and sibyl sound

to weave around the lies

and nightly sent their vespers

to a stranger's skies

So turn the triangle upside-down

and tear their temple to the ground,

and then you'll hear the sound,

but then you'll have to hear the sound

that with a thousand eyes I found

And in their wicked winding ways

they'll smile and send the frightened mind

the direction to his days

We'll find the fabled caves of ice,

we'll weave our circles round him thrice

So fall beneath the emerald ruse

to find what you'd never want to lose-

The tea leaf dancers give

direction to the dawn

in that long-forgotten cave

where they wish to stay

Und die Gotter denen Toten

so singen konnte

haben durch den Strand getanzt

And in strange suns they wave

their waters like a wand,

crystal waters

into which a man could drop

And through the fragment swinging,

their nets were faintly ringing

of the smiles of distant sands

to shake the inks away

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