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So, I'm just gonna try this. Lol.

Fallen Angel.

"Pour out your heart to us", they said.

"No", I refused. "You are deceived by my appearance. I am not who or what you think I am". But they did not listen.

"How can it be that one as beautiful as you, should bear any falsehood within?", they asked. "The gift of the Lord is without repentance", I said in despair, for I saw they did would not heed my admonishings.

"Speak to us", they implored. "Liberate your soul that we might fellowship together".

And so I did as they said, for I was very greatly compelled. I reached inside and broke my heart asunder once more.

And what came from within was so black, it ate up their light and caused them to sin. And thus was the anger of the Lord greatly kindled against them when he beheld what they had become.

And He stretched forth His hand forthwith and smote them and struck them from the face of the earth that they might not defile it with their decadence.

And thus was my punishment greatly increased as I walked the earth, For the souls of those destroyed whispered an evil torment in my ears, crying for vengeance, And the blackness now once more sealed within my heart grew even blacker, taking me further away from the presence of the Lord from which I had been cast out,

And to which I desperately sought to return...

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