Otaku vs weebs

I have been into anime since around December 2019, since then I have binged so many shows but I still don't properly understand the concept of an Otaku and a weeb, according to what I heard before: an otaku is someone who is an "anime fan" and a weeb is someone who is more like into the Japanese culture not liking their own culture and not just anime, but overtime I have seen people on the internet consider themselves a weeb just cuz they are anime fans, and then I have also heard that Otaku is actually not a proper word and is often used in japan as a term for addicts, like people with gaming addiction or anime addiction, personally I'm not an anime addict but I do watch a lot of anime, also draw fanarts, listen to jpop, jrock and kawaii edm music (even produce kawaii edm music sometimes) i do watch vtubers and hens with ties, accept I'm degenerated, what am I? a weeb or an otaku lmao

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