[Other] Disney stands by James Gunn firing after meeting with Gunn. How will this effect the B.O. for Vol 3 and returning cast members like Bautista wanting out if Gunn isn't rehired?

No, that’s exactly why it was the right idea. Disney needs DoJ approval for the merger with Fox, and owning ABC already puts it on shaky ground with the White House. If Disney stood by Gunn every conservative media outlet in the country would have been howling about it for weeks. Hollywood liberals defending paedophiles, liberals killing conservatives’ careers for their exercise of speech but standing by one of their own, etc. Whether or not you think these are fair points it would have been a PR nightmare and endangered an acquisition worth billions of dollars.

That’s why this order came down from unusually high, and why it came without any sort of procedural fairness. It sucks for Gunn, but it was absolutely the right business move.

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