[OTHER] EXCLUSIVE: Disney/Marvel Are Looking At Travis Knight To Direct ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy 3’ {Side Note: He is Bumbelbee Director.. So that Movie might actually be very good}

I can tell you for a fact that all these people you called, all the marvel movies they made would look nothing like how they do if they weren’t made under marvel studios. As in, if Sony or Fox had the rights to Black Panther or Thor or something and they had called in Taika Waititi or Coogler to direct those movies would be nothing like how they ended up being.

Look man, I’m just trying to be objective here. Thor Ragnarok and Black Panther both feel, look and are written like any other marvel movie, they don’t feel like “the vision” of anyone, especially BP. Watch creed and then watch BP, besides the fact that M.B.Jordan is in both you would never know the same person directed both.

Btw did you say Spider-Man, asin Spider-Man Homecoming, felt fresh? Wow, just wow. That’s probably the marveliest marvel movie released in the past 2 years.

If Marvel really gave a shit about talent and vision now like you claim you would be hearing rumours of them courting ppl like Robert Zemeckis or Damian Chazzelle or the guy who did “Annihilation” or even Chris Nolan and the rest but nope, the only people you ever here are “in talks” to direct their films are no names like the guys directing captain marvel and the guy who directed homecoming.

For the fact that Thor Ragnarok has 2 other characters in their universe(one appearing in a cameo and one as a main character) featured and part of the story I can almost assure you Waititi probably had no say in anything significant in that movies script or tone. Directors don’t just throw in other characters who they aren’t familiar with into their films

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