The other impact feminism has had on young men and relationships.

I hate these kinds of posts.

The narative of the feminization of boys and their resultant lack of demand in the dating market is quite strong, perhaps even a staple of this movement; however, I'm here to shed light on another, often overlooked aspect.

Men aren't in a lack of demand in the dating market. Most of them just aren't up to snuff. Look around at the men who don't lift, have bad posture, don't read, have no money, no work ethic, no social skills, etc. Maybe this has to do with all the single mothers and fathers emasculated by the threat of divorce, but a lot of it's also just these men needing to man the fuck up, make themselves desirable, and get laid.

I grew up in a very feminist environment, and as such the idea that women are just as strong, capable, intelligent, etc., has been etched deep within my subconcious; however, rather than becoming a white knight, this has lead me to see most women as lazy and entitled.

Most people are lazy and entitled, get over it. Yes, feminists are the laziest and most entitled but most women aren't feminists and those women are hard working, intelligent, and so on at about the same rate as non-feminist men are.

We boil the earnings gap down to personal choices, but from the frame of equal capability it just looks like women opt for the easy choices. We reduce parental roles down to a division of labor, but from that same frame, in the context of modernity, it simply appears women feel entitled to male support. All in all, feminists seem like entitled children, but traditional women do too (sorry).

This isn't just because women suck. This is largely because society doesn't place the same obligations on women to earn. They ar legally entitled to govt protections and to their spouses' support. There's just a lack of incentive to earn. That's not really their fault.

I know my expectations are skew to reality, I understand what reality is, but I want that strong, independant woman; I want what feminism told me all women are, but few turned out to be, and in the wake of recent legislation, none can really claim to be.

Sure they can. Go date a nurse or something, they work shit loads of hours per week. Just stay away from the feminists and you'll be fine.

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