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I’m for increased help for people with medical care cost and encouraging college, but I see why people are getting less excited about college.

I don’t think free college is a good thing if we’re just going to get more and more sociology/criminal justice/philosophy majors. I understand why people don’t want to pay more taxes for this. I am fully in support of people going to college to better our future and to learn something important, but I don’t think that’s what college is becoming.

Also, No offense to sociology majors. To those of you with passion for the science, we need you. But I’m in college now and a few of these majors are flooded with people who just wanted a seemingly easy major that sounds interesting (sociology and philosophy and majors that “deal with people” are interesting to damn near everyone to some extent) and I wouldn’t be excited to pay for more people to study this.

I think we should pay kids to study things that can better our future. I’m fine with paying for things like STEM and law and things of that nature. But just because I LOVE studying languages, I don’t expect people to want to pay for me to get a degree in linguistics.

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