The other plague Trump has downplayed: white supremacist violence. While the president claims ‘radical leftists’ are terrorizing America, DHS says white extremists pose the nation’s most ‘persistent and lethal’ threat.

Every Trump supporter is a terrorist, and is complicit in the treason being inflicted upon our country.

The President is a murderer. Every Republican Governor and political who has downplayed the Coronavirus has taken an active measure to ensure the death of over 200,000 Americans.

These are the most hateful, angry, fearful, spiteful and uneducated people at the bottom of the barrel in America. The only good Trump supporter is one with a 9mm pistol in their mouths and a hyperactive trigger finger that helps put them out of the pitifully miserable and misguided existence they wasted on this earth.

Fuck every single Republican who still supports Trump and this political party of traitors and criminals.

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