[Other] Predict Marvel’s Phase 4 slate

I sure hope Dr. strange 2 comes out a few years before 2021. That is five year gap!

I do not think the storm will be introduced in Black Panther 2. If I remember correctly, they are not from the same country.

I think if the second Spider-man will be successful the next movie will come out 2021 or 2022 at the latest. That is a four-year gap. Do you honestly think that if Sony renews their contract Marvel, they will wait 4 years to release another Spidey movie?

I don't think they were be third Antman movie. Kevin said that the quantum realm will be very important to the future of MCU. And it seems to show that Antman is very important to quantum realm. So, I think Antman will be featured in important team up movies.

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