[Other] Rotten Tomatoes Mulls Further Tightening User Guidelines to Combat Trolls, Requiring Proof of Seeing the Film Before Rating

No, audience scores remain useful in many contexts when you step away from politics.

your butthurt rage.

That's the problem: audience scores are completely useless for "important" films people "care" about. That doesn't describe 99% of films Hollywood releases. No one (other than perhaps Netflix employees) is trying to wage a culture war over David Ayers' Bright or Jocavitch's Resident Evil I but the Audience score suggests it's probably an enjoyable enough option if you're just looking for something to stream or watch when it comes on cable. They can also be used to highlight an Alien: Covenant scenario where critics and audiences had genuinely divergent views in a way that can't be reduced to "fanboy wars." Critics loved "David & the Prometheus sequel" and audiences hated it as an "Alien" movie. That's useful to flag for the potential watcher to do a little more digging.

People who agree with you can interact, and the rest of us can just ignore you. So there is just no reason for this kind of raw, unfiltered bullshit rating system anymore.


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