Do other terrestrial planets have metals like gold, silver, etc?

Yes. Elements, including metals, are formed by nucleosynthesis, mostly either stellar (up to Iron/Nickel) or supernova (Oxygen to Rubidium). Higher elements than that come from crazy stuff like neutron star collisions. As they’re made by whatever type of nucleosynthesis, these elements sometimes clump together due to gravity into a cloud, which in the right conditions leads to star formation, usually with planets (it seems). These planets will be made of a combination of all the elements present in the cloud - they all usually have at least some of each, but some have way more than others (30% vs 0.000000002% to pluck random figures out of the air). Specifically talking about the metals you mentioned, they’re not particularly high on the periodic table so most terrestrial planets would have them, but again the proportions could vary wildly between planets and systems and the types of nucleosynthesis involved.

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