[Other] Why there should be a 2020 Battlefield Game.

They did create loot boxes which did give an advantage to players who were going to pay for them. It was deceptive and when you consider that the target audience here was children, the backlash was justified. They are the face of the loot boxes. Some people will never trust them again, no matter what they do to fix their reputation.

That literally doomed the game from the start as content was delayed, and work has never been done to fix numerous bugs, glitches and exploits that have plagued this game since day one. It's been nerfed so many times there is no competitive edge to that game anymore. The player base is shrinking to a point where other modes are not even being played which wasn't the case with the first game. It's sad really. The graphics artists and sound engineers did an amazing job with that game and it's a shame it never was able to live up to it's potential.

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