Our Baby Announcement in the time of Covid.

Global warming is one of the few issues left that we haven't solved yet, but the reality is that the number of people dying of climate related causes has massively dropped in the last decades. There's just more media attention on it now.

Did you unironically believe AOC when she said that the world was going to end in 10 years? She has been called out for her anti-scientific and extremist rhetoric. She has later claimed that the statement was so absurd that it should be obvious that she wasn't being serious.

The reality is that climate change is definitely an issue, but it's an issue that we're all aware of, which is why we're working on solving it. It's also far from an insurmountable issue, as we have the tools necessary to solve it. Even If the global average temperature increases by 2 degrees, then the world won't suddenly become the dystopian world that you see in Hollywood movies, as those movies are exaggerated fiction for entertainment purposes. If you read the actual scientific reports, then you will see that global warming will cause more people to have to relocate, but we aren't looking at any worldwide catastrophic events. This is especially the case in the western world, which won't be as heavily affected by global warming, and it's probably where this child will live.

I honestly recommend that you read the scientific reports rather than listen to media and public celebrity figures, which depend on sensationalism to garner attentation and clicks. The scientific reports provides a much more full and accurate idea of the extent of the issue.

The world is a far better place now than it has ever been, even if it isn't perfect.

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