Our DIY Wedding Invitation Suite - Constructive Criticism?

I see little spacing issues on some of the cards:

  • Invite: I think there less space between the Name AND Name
  • Menu Card: Same issue with "OR" – maybe half as much space; maybe add hyphens or some other visual marker before and after "OR" so that it stands out more, maybe make it bold? (it's hard without seeing it)
  • Accommodations: It looks like the font at the top is tracked out too much (like the spacing between the letters), while the all caps is too close together (normally I track out all caps text a little (up to 20 depending on size to make it easier to read, like you did on the invite). I would check the tracking on the RSVP card as well, it looks like it's tracked out

I also think the large dotted border around some sections on the cards is too bold for the invite – maybe change it to a double-border or a thin (0.5pt) line? the text inside the box (in one of the versions) also needs more of a margin because it's really close to the line right now, probably at least about a 1/4" of space.

Also, the body copy (the sans-serif font) looks a bit large on all of the cards except the invite. It shouldn't have to be larger than about 10pt (depending on the font).

Lastly, I would also probably go with a different sans serif, because the one you chose is very geometric and I think it clashes a bit with the script (which is so organic and lovely). Here are some alternatives if you're interested (FREE! and still good-quality):

  • Fira Sans – a more standard/serious humanist sans
  • Lato Sans – a bit softer
  • Glober – kind of in-between the previous two.

I also feel like the weight of the current sans-serif is a little too thin which impacts readability, so if you chose one of those it would help out with that.

Overall, looks amazing for a first attempt (especially for someone not specialized in graphic design), I'm just giving you the same critique I would to my projects. Just nitpicky designer things. :)

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