Our financial planner has completely and totally changed my outlook on our wealth and finances.

And I mean I cant blame them. I trust ours now, but I wont pretend I wasnt nervous. I still am when I think of the possibility of losing our high risk investments, however luckily I do have a really good pension which is protected and has COLA built in (assuming I dont lose my union job) so we generally have less risk than people who have tied up their entire retirement in investments.

I do however think alot of the stigma is also attached to people who have gone to planners through the bank or some of the big companies, like the ones we met with prior to this guy. They made me feel second rate and likewise I didnt feel that they had our best interest in mind especially as the advice was so largely the same across the board (it was useless... i could have googled that shit).

Anyways we shall see. Will update in another 2 years :)

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