Somebody discovered a big secret, a great information that will change all cryptocoin world : “Virtacoin is in intergrate process with Bitcoin”. This is information that nobody know. Virtacoin is created by Virtapay creator former. I remember that Virtapay creator said in one of their posts when they were launching Satoshi project: “Our contributors are helping us reach the level of funding we need for the ultimate goal of the Satoshi Project — converting VirtaPay into a crypto-currency. We are beginning to draft the technical requirements for this new crypto-currency. We don’t plan to make VirtaPay into a clone of Bitcoin. We envision VirtaPay becoming a “coin” that complements and works along side of Bitcoin.”

So what is “coin” that complements and works along side of Bitcoin ? I know that someone may understand this mean.

  • Why official website of Virtacoin note : “WHAT IS IT? VirtaCoin is a decentralized crypto-currency, like Bitcoin. In fact, it is based on the Bitcoin codebase, so it works almost exactly like Bitcoin.” ???
  • Why Virtacoin address and Bitcoin address are same ? Virtacoin addresses can be used to receive Bitcoin and Bitcoin address can be used to receive VirtaCoin.
  • Why max amount of Virtacoin is 21 billions equal 1000 times max amount of Bitcoin (21 millions). This is compatible about technical.
  • Virtapay (former Virtacoin) has launched since Sep 2010 , mean 18 months after Bitcoin was borned , earlier than any cryptocoins on the market. And more both Bitcoin creator and Virtacoin creator are anonymous, nobody know who they are.

So there are very many evidence show Virtacoin and Bitcoin are the same. And Bitcoin and Virtacoin may be created by one creator. I predict after intergrate, Virtacoin value equal Bitcoin value, include price. We can change directly between Virtacoin and Bitcoin without any exchanger.

Recently, I found more information and discover that Virtacoin will intergrate in 2015. Sure Virtacoin and Bitcoin will become change all world finance.

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