Our first trips on LSD what did we do?

I'm sure no one cares but I'm in the mood to write. My friend and I took 1.5 tabs each on empty stomachs so it kicked in faster, and made some microwave tacos as we waited. These became my savior for the rest of the night and of course, we eventually killed the whole box. As we started to trip, I played a bunch of weird records that I'd gotten in the $1 bin at the record store earlier. One of the records I bought what was supposed to be a Marvin Gaye record and it turns out there was an Isaac Hayes record inside the cardboard. We were really confused about why Marvin Gaye sounded like elevator music and just decided to change it. We didn't realize it was Isaac Hayes until the next day. About 3 hours in, I'm basically catatonic on my bed as records by the grateful dead, Jimi Hendrix, and Pink Floyd are playing. Cliche or what? My SO, who wasn't tripping, took over the music and it was great. I remember starting at the Midnight Marauders poster on my wall, watching it seemingly breath, and pondering why I am so bitter all the time when I'm sober. I told myself life wasn't so bad and I should make a conscious effort to enjoy myself rather than sedentarily hoping the weed and endless munchies does it for me. It's been harder to carry this out than it seemed at the time. Eventually I got hungry and came out of my state of introspection to eat some tacos. Around this time, we turned the lights out and my friend spun his poi. Everyone was intrigued by the light show, even my sober SO. This went on for seemingly hours, while listening to music and taking the occasional bong rip. Eventually one of us looks outside. Snow, everywhere. Of course it was like this earlier in the day living in Upstate NY, however it had never looked so magical. We decided to roll and j and go on a "j-walk" as we coined it. We all walked to a cemetery on top of a big hill near my apartment, and at the top the light pollution lit up the entire city. It seemed magical. Also, some bitch decided to get her face engraved in EXTREME detail on her tombstone, and I freaked out about the dead jewish zombie that I thought I'd encountered. After this I got a bit paranoid and craved the safety of my apartment again, and we headed back. Upon arrival, there was a problem. The door is locked and the keys are nowhere to be found. I'm still not sure why anyone allowed me to be in charge of the keys. It's probably 10 degrees fahrenheit and snowing outside, so we have to figure something out fast. Calling my landlord was out of the question as it was 1am. My smart ass decides I'm gonna kick down the door. It looks easy in movies right? Wrong. That shit didn't work. Maybe the kick wasn't as hard as I'd perceived it to be, but I was too scared of awakening neighbors to try again. We realize the only option to get in is the small ass window, which I definitely couldn't fit through, but my friend was small enough. He got on my shoulders and I carefully stood up somehow without hurting my back. He pulled up the screen and window, and we shoved his tiny ass inside. Once we were all back inside, we played more music, smoked more weed, ate more tacos, and came down pleasantly eventually heading to bed around 4am. Dope experience.

TL;DR: Friend and I took 1.5 tabs each, got confused by music, explored a cemetery, ran away from jewish zombie woman, and broke into my apartment after locking ourselves out.

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