Why is our football team not as successful as our basketball team?

I agree with every single point you make and add:

Basketball is run by people who are more educated and trained professionals compared to football who is run by the average lay man (the chairman and his cronies who are business men, fans) who don't understand the inner-workings of the game.

The fans, general public and media are more focused on football than basketball results.

Maybe we need to reconsider our positioning. How do we define success and what do we want? Since we can't move our club to the Premier League or La Liga, we have to accept we're outsiders (like Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, Netherlands, etc) and start following an outsider strategy. If winning trophies is what we want Porto or Dortmund are good models to follow. We seemed to be on that track during Zico's tenure but that didn't last because we don't have a long term road map. If global popularity is what we want, that takes more than football and has more to do with the league and the location (country). For example, Porto has 2 CL trophies while Arsenal have none, but Arsenal have immense global popularity and pull while Porto have none, because one is in Portugal and the other is in England. Consider it for a while and let the implications sink in.

We don't produce any talents in terms of both footballers and coaches. We produce nothing. We try to throw a few purchased players with no road map and expect instant success. Our clubs have nothing to show for in terms of talent produced. Our clubs (and fans) don't care about young Turkish talent, they are thought of as good bench warmers. Even clubs like Bayern and Barcelona don't think that way, they have world class academies and produce WC talent. Semih Şentürk could've been a star and we killed his career by keeping him on the bench in favor of playing big money purchases like Kezman and Guiza who didn't produce half of what Semih did in his limited time. He could've been a star had he played for Leverkusen or Porto. We choose name over utility.

Patience. We have no patience to let a team mature over the course of even two years. People in Turkey say they wish Klopp was coaching us. It took Simeone years achieve success before his team matured.

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