Our nightmares = their fetishes

Man I had written out a thoughtful comment along the lines of the above comment in response to one of your other comments, then I saw this top comment and I was like, man maybe I haven’t thought about this enough, but I just saw you make this particular comment and I’m bummed.

This is a wicked common fetish, people have fetishes out side the dynamic of a committed relationship, and at its core damn near all interpersonal fetishes are, at their core, about power imbalance. There are women who write unbelievably graphic first person pov novels about being brutally raped, there are women who direct brutal rape porn. There are women who actively seek out acting in these roles.

Is there something else going on here that I don’t get? Like, don’t get me wrong, I can see how in context of the community it can be like mad fucked, but OP explained these are from separate posts, which means they made an effort to catalog and retrieve these, so the dynamic on display here is a fiction.

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