Why is our Organization filled with leaks?

What's off about it? Where were the rumors about the Jays interest in Happ last season? Where were the rumors about the Grilli, Upton, Benoit and Liriano deals? There weren't any rumors about Donaldson's two-year deal or Gurriel's signing either. Even the Morales signing had very little exposure prior to the deal, outside of the vague tweets about interest that his agent puts out there to get other teams possibly involved.

The Jays have always been an extremely popular team to use as a buffer in negotiations. This isn't new, it was apparent all throughout AA's tenure as well. Anthopoulos admitted that the Jays like to call and inquire about all available options and explore every avenue to improve the team, and other organizations and agents have taken advantage of that by throwing the Jays' name out there to use as leverage for just about every player.

There have never been any major leaks in the organization and there aren't any now. If there were, the Gurriel story would have been a much bigger news break than the Morales deal, yet there wasn't even a hint of a potential connection. If you're tired of hearing about the rumors, complain to the media outlets, not to the Blue Jays.

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