Out of the big four grunge bands from the early to mid 90s, who is your favourite?

Hmm. Kinda tough one. Though off the top I can say it's NOT Pearl Jam. I had listened to Bleach before the first time I heard ..Nevermind and still can still tell you that it was a major impact,like holy shit..and then awhile later when it hit it was...well,you know.. Layne and Jerry..where,are and always be so. damn. heavy. Music and vocal harmonies that crawled in and shook your treehouse down That's not a bad thing,really..just not always a good time I guess. Soundgarden. Badmotorfinger. Slaves and Bulldozers. Wheeeeew. What a fucking ride. Cornells wail was superhuman and I still listen to Badmotorfinger regularly and often,then prolly Bleach and Jar of Flies when I wanna get down in it. So short answer; Not Pearl Jam!

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