Out on a hike and saw a snake, What snake is this ? Is it Poisonous?

Norwegian viper. It's venomous, but only dangerous if you are allergic or its venom. You might get some reaction, but would most probably not die if it bites you. My brother was bitten, but didn't notice before he got home. He felt an itch on the foot, and when he looked, there were two small holes in his skin.

The common advice, though, is to seek medical advice when bitten. If you are allergic, and don't know it, it can be lethal. And dosage also plays a role. Snakes are said to be able to control the dosage, and when they strike as a defense, they would not try to poison you. That was probably the case with my brother. He did probably not get very much of the venom in his blood.

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