The Outhouse: Why Letting Comics Fail is the "Real" Only Way to Save the Industry

You don't know that for sure. Industry people don't even know for sure.

I assumed that digital only costs the same as physical as to not upset distributors like Diamond. Take floppies and physical distribution out of the mix (it's an eventuality) and watch growth happen in new directions.

The majority of comic books i buy i get onsale on comixology. I bought 104 books in July and the vast majority of them where ones i got on sale for .99 cents each. I would not be able to buy that many ad-filled floppies.

The more i buy, the more i get into comic books. I am more into it now than i was as a kid because i had no money then. Discovering something new because .99 cents or 1.99 or 3.99 for a digital trade on sale is a small risk and has made me a fan of books I didn't know about before.

i know floppies is the horse you backed but it's a low value proposition. My assumption is give people better value and the market grows. You and I could spend the same amount on comic books every month but I end up with more to read - and unless you're purely a collector, isn't that's what's important?

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