Outside my son's classroom, gets ya right in the feels

You’re going to pat yourself on the back with a feel good post and the points rather than even think about the wants and needs of actually autistic people.

Assuming people's motives is a dick move. You don't know whether they posted this to share something they believe is good with other people or whether they did it to get karma. You simply don't know.

It's not something they did so the "pat yourself on the back" bit makes no sense. Regardless of if the sign is a good thing or a bad thing, they weren't the one who created it so they can't pat themselves on the back by sharing it...

Assuming people's motives is a common thing for people to do but unless you need to for your own safety (which does not apply to a post on a subreddit unless it said "let's meet in real life" or something), it is also a very very crappy thing to do.

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