Outtakes of Trump's Jan. 7 address to the nation

It's because as scary as it is, a lot of people get their opinions based on their political party of choice, not the other way around. Normal people have opinions and ideas they support, then choose to support a political party or politician based on them sharing similar opinions and ideas. For a lot of republicans in this country, they choose to be a republican, usually because their parents and others in their community are, and then for their opinions based on what republicans believe. They dont know what to think or believe until they are told "republicans believe this" and then they believe that. And because most republican policies (or lack of) boil down to simply saying no to any change, these same people literally dont need to know any actual facts about any of their beliefs. They are told what to believe, and 99% of the time that is going to be a very simple "no".

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