Over 40 Con't.: OK. What's the Verdict? Hardbody or Not?

I'm 5'7" too! ha ha! Are you me? lol

Once again I thank you for your knowledge and kindness in sharing it with me--what you have written here--fantastic advice and very educational, teach! Your enthusiasm, passion and love for education and helping other is inspiring--obviously a very positive person--your students must adore you. Happy to know you're a teacher because you're very good at stating ideas and concepts in a very understandable, non-complicated way. I'm not one of those people, so I can truly appreciate it when I see someone who is good at it. Thank you again.

I am up for a new bike, and I hadn't thought about an Independent Fabrication (so you're "Living the Dream!"). I'm actually not sure what I'm going to get, but the owner at my LBS knows me well and was going to give me several different ones to test ride to figure out what I want--I'm feeling overwhelmed by this because I want to make the right choice obviously--a Colnago C60 is in the running but I haven't settled on anything just yet). I live in an area of PA where there are some stupidly steep hills so I'm going to have him build me a bike that's geared toward serious climbing. May I ask what made you decide on an Independent? I currently have a Trek, but I'm ready to switch to something else. I don't mean to take advantage of your knowledge--you've already been so kind to me in sharing so much--I hope you don't mind my asking for your opinion/advise on this subject matter now, as well! Please, if there is anything I can help you with (I have no idea if there is), please let me know as I would love to return the favor. You are a fount of knowledge!

That is so awesome that you only started Crossfit three weeks ago and you are really nailing it! Sounds like you are definitely kicking f-ing ass! I love it that we "older" folks can whoop some youngin's bee-hinds. Very satisfying. I would so be there going "Whoop whoop--booyah!" in the background (I'm one of those crazies who gets all excited during physical stuff--just a nut case!) Seriously that is so cool. That's gotta make you feel great in knowing you're so far ahead in your fitness. And you are so right about the 40s. The ARE awesome! And honestly, life just keeps getting better after that! Keep going, bro--you're doing GREAT! :)

Great advice on squats. I did read about the proper way to do them before even trying them (I've had my share of surgeries for injuries so I am always careful to try and do any exercises the proper way). I love the thinking "ass to grass" for squats! Easy way to remember to go deep. I have only been doing them for about a year, and I know I can get a little closer to the "grass" than I am currently able to go, but definitely have made improvements as far as how deep I can go. There's definitely room for improvement though.

PS I loved the story you told about the female cyclist with nice legs! Gives me great hope. :)

Have a great day and thanks again.

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