Over-educated women: tips on finding someone with similar life experiences/world view?

Let me guess, I spent my 20s rejecting perfectly good guys because they were too broke, not tall enough, not handsome enough, etc

I actually kinda agree with u/freegeeks. The super handsome investment bankers are generally taken now that I'm in my thirties. And I'm now at the age where it is a bit harder to attract a same-age partner as they're increasingly looking to date younger women, for various reasons. There obviously are still some men willing to date same-age, so my dating pool isn't zero, but Freegeeks isn't wrong. There's research to back this up (men desire and try to date younger women increasingly as they themselves age), not all of it is OLD-based, some is just psychological studies/surveys etc on preferences, but some is OLD and fairly recent and good quality research, so those of who've noticed this are not imaging it.

Funny related anecdote: before I moved interstate last year, I was using Tinder in my home town where the finance industry is small (mostly based in Syd & Melb in Australia) and investment bankers are rare. Up popped a super handsome investment banker on Tinder. Unfortunately, his attitude was unattractive to me. His bio was: "Newish to [city X] after living in NYC for 2 years and while I love it here, I just wish there were waves and fish.... and less single mums. Slim pickings it seems though in the singles marked. I don't ask for much, just some semblance of an education, motivated, easy of [sic] the eyes, and no kids.... You wouldn't think that would be that but here I am." I matched with him before he put that bio up. Then when I read the bio, I unmatched!

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