Over privileged idiot moves abroad for 12 days and hates it, moves back home costing her parents thousands of dollars.

Look, I can empathize. I really can. I have depression and everything she described reminded me all too much of my freshman year of college. I was in an unfamiliar town, I instantly realized how much I loved being around my parents and friends, and it lead to me just being an absolute mess both socially and academically. My depression wasn't diagnosed at the time on top of it all, and my newfound college freedom lead to me drinking a whole lot more to escape the pain and I was blacking out to a concerning degree on weekends. I was a sniffling mess on just my second night being there. I wanted to go home. I wanted to quit. But I stuck it out, because really, what other choice did I have? I felt there was no fucking way I could go home/drop out after a week. How the hell would that look to my friends and family? And this was just for a college two hours away from my hometown, not a graduate program on the other side of the fucking world.

I'd go on but it's a long sob story that really isn't that interesting, I got shit grades, went to a counselor, was diagnosed, got medication, transferred to a neighboring school where I had friends, and it's been smooth sailing for the most part ever since.

So like I said, I get where she's coming from and where her head was at. But Jesus Christ. You can't go through that much planning, fly to the other side of the planet, and then decide after 12 days that you need to go home. Even pulling the plug the night before when she claims she was freaking the fuck out and not feeling good about the whole situation would have been a better solution. She was incredibly short-sighted and her decision to pull the plug on the whole thing after 12 days over minor gripes like coffee is fucking rage inducing. I can almost guarantee her friends and family were happy for her on the surface but on the inside were probably thinking "...Really? You gave up that fast?", hence why I never saw quitting as a viable option on even my worst days at school, and sticking with it ultimately made me a stronger person as a result.

That said, it still kinda disappoints me to see all the WHAT A CUNT WOW THAT FUCKING UGLY BITCH as all the top comments. I know this is /r/rage and that's kind of the norm, but I guess it's troubling because like I said, I understand her thought process. Not saying it was right, but depression is a motherfucker and will often cause you to make a lot of stupid decisions. Still, you could argue that she's the one who made her story open to the public, so whatever scrutiny comes is a consequence of that decision that she consciously made. So maybe I'm just being overly sensitive to the whole thing. Sorry for rambling on what ultimately boiled down to AH MUH FEELS.

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