Over shoes

1."The analogy is bad because black people are minorities in the US"

My analogy is literally just me pointing out that correlations exist. I'm not doing any difficult reasoning here at all, I'm literally just establishing that there are relationships between things. The reason I do this is because lefties don't like admitting that you can predict things via correlations.

  1. "If there's a correlation between black people and crime it's because of a history..."

Among other communities with the same socioeconomic status, availability of drugs, etc.. we don't see the same behaviour

  1. You claim I am not using reason, and then LITERALLY made up a statistic. You can calculate the probability of your dematerializing and rematerializing on mars, simply because something is within probability doesn't make it probable. HAVING A HIGH PROBABILITY DOES. Have you taken statistics? Do you have any mathematics education at all? Do you understand what a correlation is? I do, I'm an engineer, I analyze probabilities using statistical analysis for a living.

Man I don't have anything against any race, based on my race I have a much higher probability to engage in homosexual activities, but I'm straight. I understand not all black people, or mexican people, or white people, or chinese people are the same, but there are non-trivial probabilities associated with the behavior of each of those groups.

You have proven yourself an insane person.

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