I think overkill should ?

Hire u/TdlQ on your team and/or pay him and integrate his three best game fixing mods into the game - Keepers, Iter, Full Speed Swarm.

These mods alone have kept myself and many others still playing the game where otherwise we would have quit due to a variety of annoyances that have not been patched, mainly jokers getting stuck in secluded places and enemies being incredibly slow due to framerate dependency which makes them really boring to fight.

Full Speed Swarm has been like a whole new game, and I urge you guys at least give it a shot to see how it actually makes the game play the way you programmed it if the host's game was running at 200+ FPS. It's not fair that people with better computers get penalized so hard, and some consistency would be very welcome. I get you guys don't really prioritize this problem because it's something only veterans really start having an issue with after a while, but I can still ask about it.

In my opinion, the reason you had to add One Down is because players with weak computers have given you incorrect feedback on the difficulty of old Death Wish because of the fact that lower framerate on hosts side makes the game very easy.

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