Overwatch Retail Patch Notes – June 30, 2020

Ok. Neat. People were acting like armor was the only thing she did. Very good though you know some of the utility the other support add, you’re at least silver. Now she only gets that from ult. If you don’t see why hp being added by another hero even after having it spoon fed and explained get fucked and stay silver. If the only value you added as brig was armoring other heroes, get fucked and stay silver, and don’t choose brig because you don’t even know the basics of her kit, and the easiest and most boring part of her kit is something you need another hero to do for you. It still heals those flankers, you now need more skill to use repair pack if you want to maximise value, you now have to make sure you don’t let it go to waste like all the other abilities in the game.

TLDR get fucked. You don’t know shit. I bet you say “DPS bad get kills” on the reg because you need good DPS players to carry your ass to maintain your rank. Solo queued my ass from bronze to masters.

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