Overwatch Retail Patch Notes - October 29, 2020

The issue is that widow has a fundamentally flawed design in that for her to be able to have a hitscan one shot ability and high tier ultimate she needs to have a huge downside somewhere and, short of a full rework, health is the only thing we haven't tried yet. Venom mine is shit enough there's no point changing it as it obviously isn't the problem, we've already nerfed grapple enough that it is used once to get into position and once to escape in a fight. Sights got nerfed a while back to cancel when you die though a duration nerf(12 secs?) might make it less oppresive and I seem to remember 150 dmg body shots a long time ago but I'm not sure. Nerfing her to 175 is fine as it serves the purpose of making her easier to dive and giving less time for her to get peel. Pushing her to 150 does that but also puts her into a point where some spam 1-shots which is a very dangerous point to put a hero and risks just pushing us to a meta with hanzo ashe where ashe has a 1 shot headshot and a boosted hanzo has a 1-shot bodyshot and 1-shot headshot with storm arrow. 150 is a much bigger threshold than 175 to break past and I think it's important to feel out this half-step before we make such a huge change.

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