‘Overwhelming majority’ of rapists going free because of collapse in prosecutions, campaigners warn - Only 1.5% of rapes recorded by police in England and Wales were prosecuted in 2019

I never said toss in the towel, I just don't understand how these behaviors have anything to do with cops. These are human behaviors, and sure, as I literally said in my first comment, these behaviors can be amplified by positions, but structures and positions don't intrinsically erase the behaviors, as evidenced by every civilization to ever exist.

I do think "apely" violence is a built in feature of human existence. My evidence is all of history. I mean, do you think this isn't true? We live in the most peaceful time in history and there is still some really gnarly shit going down. So improvements are being made, but it's still really bad. Max Tegmark gives humans a D- in terms of our overall progress. I agree with assessment and it's okay if you do not. :)

To say that some elements of our behavior are fixed by our ape-ness while others are clearly not is just pseudoscientific nonsense.

I don't even know what this means, really, but nothing I said was psuedoscientific. Human beings are higher apes, do you disagree with this? I hope not, since that is our scientific designation.

We can only, by default, exhibit the behavior of higher apes. Those behaviors involve violence and treating others like shit. I don't see what's wrong with this argument and you have yet to provide anything but babble and random attacks to the contrary.

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