Owaisi Represents Only The Elitist Muslims, And Not The Entire Community

Though seldom discussed in popular spaces, the Indian Muslim society is hierarchical and internally divided into about 700 ranked caste (biradari) groups. The Syeds among Muslims are the most revered caste and hold a status akin to that of Brahmins in the Hindu community

I'm a Syed and I never saw anyone revering me or my family. My Grandparents come from modest means, we never had any political connections or influence in our ancestral town.

The entire article is shit, but we should be aware of the kind of propaganda the entire media and political ecosystem is peddling to discredit this guy.

I was a fence-sitter when it came to AIMIM or Owaisi but this reaction only driving me to support him and his party more and more.

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