OWL is unwatchable for Europeans

I am going to assume your first language isn't English, which is fine. I'd be happy to reply to what I interpret as the content of your post.

The idea that Blizzard doesn't want to include the European market in its OWL fan base is fairly absurd, and a bit of an overreaction. They solicited offers from other potential investors in the EU, but none bit besides Cloud9 in London. That's not Blizzards fault, that's the hesitancy of European investors.

Blizzard understands there is a huge EU following; many of the pros on NA OWL teams are from Europe originally. I mean, they are literally hiring people for high level Esports in France!

You have two options - continue to complain about Blizzard not hosting live matches at 8am in LA and claim they don't care about people in EU, or you can decide to be supportive of the league in hopes that European investors will view that support as incentive to join the league. I can guarantee in Season 2, if there are more EU teams, you'll have plenty of OWL to watch right as you're sitting down for dinner.

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