Owner of Edmonton business targeted by racist graffiti speaks out for unity

Think of how many Christian people, who "aren't" prejudice, concoct stories about their religion being demonized now.

Islam is just another shit religion, that's becoming more mainstream, alongside Christianity, and the rest of them, and it's trying to hold on for dear life.

Think about how many teens in today's generation are denouncing their religions? Oh yah, women must be modest. Put that hijab on girl! Don't wear mini skirts ladies, save it for Jesus and and one husband only!

You're gay? That's not okay... Time for some repenting, or you can just straight up burn (pretty much every fucking religion).

When you see half your generation with the freedom to live life as they please, one goes to think, well, maybe my parents aren't right.

Scare tactics help people stay in their religions... Or the real term, cults.

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