I’m not sure of how deserving I am of your kind words, but thank you, it means a lot. I hope I can get through. My country has free healthcare so atleast I don’t have to pay for the drugs if the cost exceed around $150, which it did a long time ago.

My country unfortunately has extremely strict marijuana laws, only 10 people have been allowed medical marijuana and the first one that got accepted was like 2 years ago. If you’re not one of those 10 people, the marijuana laws are the same as the heroin/cocaine/methamphetamine laws, meaning you’re probably looking at some time in prison. Although the one thing those 10 people have in common is that they all suffer from severe nerve damage. Phantom limb pains are directly caused by nerve damage, so I might have a chance and I’ll be bringing it up to my doctors.

I have tried to self medicate using weed, unfortunately the strongest feeling I get from weed has been paranoia, which is probably connected to the strict laws and the thought of going to prison. If I manage to get medical marijuana I imagine it would rid my mind of the paranoia.

I will try my best. Thank you for the advice.

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