Pablo Escobar's Hitman - Popeye (2017) Popeye has confessed to 250 killings and only given 30 years of jail time due to Columbia's maximum sentance in 1992 but was released in 2014. He explains why he worked for Pablo Escobar and how he ran his operations.

Not American, but I have met Pablo Escobar's brother, Roberto, on a 'Pablo Escobar' tour in Medellin. Now I imagine a lot of Colombians would look down on this, and a lot of others, too. I had my doubts too about the ethics of this tour, and still do. The whole experience was weird but not entirely negative or positive. A lot of Colombians would like to see this kind of tour fail, as Medellin tries to shake off its old image.

But in my mind, Colombia is going too far in trying to whitewash this history.

Like it or not, Escobar is one of the most influential figures in Colombia's history. When I went to Berlin, I could find a lot of information about Hitler. If I go to Russia I am sure I will find a lot about Stalin. In Medellin, there is very little about Escobar. Anything that is about him, such as this tour, is looked down upon by locals. Even uttering his name can you get in an argument, and this is in a city that is still divided on whether to love or hate him. Medellin is doing great and will do great whether it embraces this history or not, it is a beautiful city, but like it or not a lot of tourists there want to learn about him. He is a figure of fascination. Bringing attention to him doesn't have to paint him as a rock star. It c

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