Paid Opportunity for Eczema Patients with Treatment Trial Experience

If my life were a “treatment trial” I’d have loads of info to dump on you lol. Hell, my skin has been treated like a guinea pig for decades. “Still itchy? You need stronger steroid ointments! MOOORRE steroids! ALL the topical steroids! ‘Apply as needed’.” The occasional well-meaning Sherlock: Well MAYYYBE you have a full-body fungus. Surely if steroids haven’t cuuuured it you muuust have a fungus. Have you ever been tested for fuuungus?? Me: Yes, yes many times. I have atopic dermatitis since birth. Them: well not like THIS! THIS method is a whole other way to cuuuure it!” Then there are what I call the “witch doctors”...every herbalist/alternative medicine/Chinese medicine practitioner, from old school emu oil farmers to Nature’s Gate, to Pinterest style essential oils dumpers and aggressive MLM shitheads.

I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hijack your post. I just really needed to vent some of this stress that’s building up in me. Best of luck with your study! I hope it helps people.

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