Paige - "Little tip for people out there with no common sense. If you see someone asleep on a plane and even worse if they’re a stranger to you. Don’t take pics of them sleeping or not sleeping without their permission. It’s creepy and inappropriate."

Absolutely ridiculous. Nobody ever refers to rights as moral rights. When was the last time anyone has stated they have the moral right to act on anything? Even if we’re referring to moral rights, it’s incredibly pretentious of you to define for all of us what is morally right and what isn’t. You hold just as much moral authority as I do or anyone else here.

taking those comments out of context to try and strengthen your point is pretty desperate. Neither of them are about photos specifically.

what was the context for your comments? Invasion of someone’s privacy? You used those comments in a broader sense however it’s still applicable to my argument, despite how specific it is to photographs. If you have any understanding of the basics of logic, you’d know that if A is a subset of B and B is false, you’d conclude that A is also false.

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