Painfully accurate

It's not so much that this video isn't relatable -- it's that it is parody without any venom. The craft beer scene definitely has its share of "hipsters" and people with beards. Notably absent from this video were the fat neckbeards, but I guess they are too busy being fat neckbeards to work for a Youtube channel? The beer scene also has a lot of badly christened beers; who loves hop puns, right?

I guess where this video falls flat for me is it is 2 minutes long and making the same joke over, and over, like twenty times. We get it: hipster looking douchebag ordering an obnoxious sounding beer. Tehehehe! They could of made fun of so much other relevant stuff, like bottle releases, the underlying racism and sexism in craft beer, craft beer and alcoholism, the jerk over obviously popular beers like Yuengling and Heady Topper, etc.

Instead they went with the lowest hanging fruit, anti-hipster jerk. I mean, what the fuck is a hipster these days anyway? Someone who has a hobby or interest that you find pretentious? Wow, you smug bag of boring cunts. Sucks to be you. While you are being a judgmental twat, "hipsters" are enjoying the fruits of life. Have fun being miserable and boring.

This video crosses the line from being reflective and self-deprecating and leans towards the banal and empty hateful. And while that is okay if your target is truly vile scum like the KKK or something, craft beer deserves a better video making fun of all the idiot neckbeards standing in line at 3am waiting for two bottles of beer, or the people still trading CBS, or the underlying misogyny that is still rampant in this community.

I chuckled when I first saw this video, but it's not funny in its full 2-minute length, and it doesn't hold up to reposts. There's much better humor out there. Hell, those Nacho Punch douche bags have funnier videos on their channel.

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