Pakistan Supreme Court says schizophrenia 'not a mental disorder'

Awesome with your MD, still doesn't makes less experienced on actual schizophrenia research than me.

Also the article isn't from a time when lobotomy was the norm, it's from the 80's. Also no one said treatment is useless, it's very useful. I'm tackling the myth that treatment needs to be continued for ever, and spontaneous recovery does take place, perhaps not in the most severe cases, but it definitely does happen.

There are plenty of case studies:

No one has done a detailed longitudinal study on spontaneous recovery in mild/moderate victims yet because it's expensive and insufficient consensus exists yet to warrant such an investigation. Leading to a bias where such research will unlikely be funded unless a serious change in dogma occurs.

Finally I didn't entertain the idea you could be highly educated because you responded like an educated person repeating what they were taught without any critical analysis. I've heard the same story over and over and I get bored having to convince them otherwise. Last week I had to convince a farmacology professor that the notion of schizophrenia being incurable was false. He had never entertained the idea of it being otherwise because like most he casually believed the idea without critically thinking about it.

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