Pakistan: Swiss & American flags burned for Quran burning incident in Sweden

Because Islamophobia is so rampant people just justify his actions.

Hah, honestly history of Islam is ugly as this guy, there is infinite amount of pedophiles in your religion, that guy might just became a Muslim and nothing would change.

Look at the countries rulled with Islam, look Afganistan and see how these Muslim people rape young kids, marry young kids.

And yeah Islamphobia doesn't exists, Islam is a ugly & bad religion that deserves the hate it gets, like people would laugh when you say Afganistan lives your religion wrong, like a whole big a*s country living your religion wrong huh, hah keep lying to your self.

Islamphobia is like murderes & pedophiles saying mudererphobia, pedophobia. Your bad religion deserves to be left behind.

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