Palestine Joins the ICC. /r/worldnews seeks a two popcorn solution.

For the worse, of course but entirely within the status quo set of political ideologies that has marked the West since the late 1970s.

Well, that's the political climate of the west, and I don't think a revolution is on the way to change it any time soon.

Rich people gain. Nearly everyone else loses. "More trade" doesn't mean shit because imports also increase, "net exports" is the relevant parameter unless you're going to dredge up 1700s economic fallacies. Even under DSGE models with ridiculously unrealistic assumptions like "full employment" and "perfect competition" the gains to wealth over a decade are literally well within measurement margins of error for GDP. If you think TPP will help anyone but the wealthy then you don't know anything about the recent history of "trade" agreements or economics. Wikileaks even released the god damned investment chapter which is all about corporate giveaways!

I don't know how you come to that conclusion. I know the farmers large and small, the small businesses, the factories, and the freight corporations who are going to benefit from the TPP on the pacific coast.

Asian countries typically have strong tariffs and regulations aimed at weakening the competitiveness of American products. The TPP would help to lower those barriers. It should be noted the United States does not do the same thing to the products from Asian nations.

It's obviously difficult to predict what will happen, but I think leveling the playing field is a good first step to take.

Unless you're rich you have zero reason to support Schumer, let alone be "very pro Schumer"; you are almost certainly a Democratic Party hack based on this fact (along with steadfast support of Israel, support of TPP, etc) and I have no further interest in talking to you.

I think you've got a serious persecution complex. You think everyone who is pro-israel is paid by Israel, and you think I'm working for and paid by the DNC because I support Israel, free trade, and have hawkish opinions.

I support Schumer because our political opinions are aligned. I usually donate to and vote for moderate republicans/democrats. Schumer is a center-left democrat, but he's a bit of a hawk, so I'm more than happy to donate to him.

Yeah, you're definitely a hack. You probably work with the DNC or some shit.

Like I said earlier, I think you've got a fundamental misunderstanding of American politics. Everyone person in the United States has the right to schedule a meeting with their representative and talk to them. You call them up, and then you tell them what you want to talk about. In my case I went to talk to my senators and house rep about Syria, and why I thought we should be taking a more interventionist strategy in the region. This was actually before the huge ISIS explosion.

It's 450$, round trip, to go from portland -- Washington DC. You don't have to be incredibly wealthy to do it.

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