Palestinian living in California threatens saudis

You mean like isis and al qaida?

So anyone who criticizes the government is either Isis or Alqaida?

Arabs who hate Saudi Arabia do so because of jealousy and sheer hatred

And you're the one telling me to stop kidding myself by using nonsensical excuses? Do you really think that everyone who hates us is because they're jealous? That is beyond nonsensical. Its like post-9/11 Americans when they thought that all Arabs hate America because they're jealous of their freedom.

Arabs who criticize Saudi Arabia because of their dealings with the "enemy" israel are hypocrites that don't have a leg to stand on since they either support Iran or live in the countries of the very same enemies

How is not dealing with Israel considered hypocritical? Please explain your logic here. Not dealing with Israel does not mean supporting Iran. It is however hypocritical to tell the Arab world that you support the Palestinian cause for decades and then become friends and start dealing with the Israelies.

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