Pan African Action Committee Calls for Clegg's Resignation

Re: original article, I can do a much better job of explaining what I think was the attempted point, I think. (I don’t necessarily believe this 100%)

Historically the white identity in the US hasn’t included people like the Irish, Polish, Catholics etc and privilege was limited to the anglo-saxon & protestant majority. Later, when immigration to the US expanded to places outside of Europe the privileged identity similarly expanded to include all “white people” (Irish, Poles, Catholics, etc) regardless of any previous discriminatory status.

The theory behind this shift is that as more and more immigrants move to the US the “White majority” has to redefine and expand itself in order to maintain it’s majority and superior status over the discriminated minority (black and brown people).

Where the article fell down is in act 3, super angry advocacy for the ‘end of white identity’. First of all, what? Second, lol. The last thing you’re gonna get by attacking someone’s identity is for them to agree with you. Idk what the solution for this is, or even that the situation requires one. Just that the ideas aren’t necessarily racist, merely an attempt to explain demographic shifts.

Please debate/disprove me below.

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