This pandemic has stolen my happiness

Wow, I identify with your post so much I could have written it myself! I bet there's a LOT of us who feel this way. Here are some critical points:

  1. Be glad you & your husband are on the same page - and be glad that you're married. Single people are having a rough time right now, and some marriages have had big issues over this.
  2. It's probably time to find new friends -- people who are more likeminded in regard to what's going on. Maybe you and your husband can find a protest group... Or if you're not into that -- think about the type of people that oppose these measures. Where would they go? Go there. (I'm not a religious person, but if you are --- I bet there are churches with likeminded people!)
  3. Family you can't do so much about... In that regard, if you WANT to get along with them you may have to have a talk with them and say, "Look, I love you but we differ strongly on these issues and if we want to have a relationship we have to just talk about something else." And if they can't handle that, then they aren't family worth having. That said, I also understand if you resent them for their opinions so much that you don't WANT to have anything to do with them. After all, how could a Jewish person be expected to maintain relations with a Nazi? That said --- this kind of division is what they WANT, so if you can be the bigger person -- good on you. But that's OK if not -- remember, we're the ones being attacked so it's not on you to feel bad for distancing yourself! That's okay. That's normal!
  4. Here's the most important thing of all. Kids. Actually, it's so important that I'm going to break it out of this numbered list.

Assuming you have a good marriage, having kids is the most rewarding experience you could ever have. I was never a "dad type" until I met my wife at 32 and we ended up having four children. Three boys and a little girl. Ages 13, 12, 8 and 4.

I have a career and hobbies -- and I still take both seriously... But the kids are so magical I would throw it all away for them if I had to.

The hobbies --- art, music --- that's my escape. But the kids & my wife? They're what make life worth living. When I say magical, I mean it... Kids answer the age old question of "what is the point of life." (Only people without kids ask a question like that.)

Your kids give you perspective, and they make life so much more important... And you get to re-enjoy everything you ever loved by introducing it to them. Holidays take on new meaning and the kind of importance they had when you were young.

Now here's the punchline:

This feeling of "you don't want to bring kids into this world" --- at the heart of what's going on is population reduction. They want you to feel this way. If that sounds too crazy, just read Henry Kissinger's National Security Study Memorandum 200 and you'll see this is all very real.

Anyhow --- my point is... People have had kids in the past through MUCH MUCH MUCH harder times than this, and if they didn't you and I wouldn't exist right now!!!

Sure, it adds complexity to life... But it adds purpose. It adds a reason to keep going. And it's so incredibly rewarding while they are young --- and then when they grow up you can hang out with them and they can take care of you!!!

Sorry for the lengthy ramble here, but your post got to me because I feel EXACTLY THE SAME...

But tonight my oldest boy finished writing his first 60,000 page book... And my two littles, I have a routine where I read two books to them and then watch old Loonie Tunes cartoons with them for 30 minutes as they fall asleep. My favorite cartoons.

I fall asleep too. Then after a nap, I wake up and enjoy the rest of my night! It's a great way of life.

Anyhow, if this awakens some hope in you but your husband isn't on board, you can always show him this or tell him to message me.

Here's a weird thing --- a lot of girls are really excited about babies... But guys tend not to have those feelings until they actually have their own. I was NEVER into kids until my first was born.

I work in the game industry and most people don't have kids. I was approached by three friends that talked to me privately and I had the same conversation with them. They all went on to have great families.

So yeah, it's what we're born to do. It's the natural cycle of life. It's challenging but even more rewarding.

And... Just think about the chaos of life before modern times. People still had kids then!!!

So it's perfectly okay to, now. We just have a government and media that is doing everything you can to make you think you shouldn't. (And that's actually in Kissinger's NSSM 200 if you read it!)


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