Paranoid about having schizophrenia but clearly don’t

Relax. Take it seriously though. I’ve had some issues in the past but not taking it seriously was what screwed before up. I was joking about it and exploiting myself on occasion just being a jackass for laughs. People take it seriously and there’s a lot of stigma surrounding it, people think you’re liable and dangerous. Some people will want to get rid of you.

I have seen a Dr it was all informal and I was diagnosed like temporal psychotic schizo effective or something idk. I mean schizo effective is like manic depressive/ bi polar disorders which I don’t even have. Nor do I believe I’m schizophrenic and take it seriously. It’s not the end of the world if you want out of a diagnosis get a second opinion.

I remedied my issues with sobriety, diet and exercise. Sounds generic but it’s true. I enjoy cough medicine and Vodka, cocktail that makes me come into character. I could be a real piece of theater.

Bacteria and fungi infection are too suspect of causing psyche issues. Look into getting your stomach biome checked out or pumped too. That shit is crazy and overwhelming.

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